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You can use different marketing campaigns to promote your e-commerce site, reach new target audiences, promote your product and increase your recycling. When you take the right steps, you can reach your goals by getting the most recycling from the marketing campaigns you organize. Of course, in order to prepare a right marketing campaign, you need to know some issues and include them in your advertising and marketing efforts.

As the marketing efforts may differ according to the target audience and products, some changes may be required in the strategies here. Successful studies for one firm may not give the same results for another firm in another industry. However, when we consider marketing campaigns, there are some common points and you can do your own marketing activities through these common points and you can get the highest efficiency from these campaigns by developing these strategies with A / B tests.

Set your goals

Before you prepare your marketing campaign, you need to determine for what purpose you will organize this campaign. Once you have set the right purpose for you, you can accurately determine the content of your marketing campaign and show it on the right platforms.

You can have many different goals such as increasing brand awareness, promoting a new or existing product, increasing recycling for any action (e-mail subscription, installing a mobile application, etc.), providing traffic to your site, reaching new audiences, you need to shape it.

Identify your target audience

After determining your goals, you should also determine which target audience to prepare this campaign for. The purpose of each campaign is different, and the target audience it reaches may also differ.

For example, if you want to promote your mobile app and want users to download this app, you will need to turn to mobile ads and mobile platforms. If you only have an Android-based application, you will need to remove users using iOS (iPhone) from your targeting at this point. This way, you can optimize your advertising budget better.

It is a very important detail to determine the target audience and customer profile that will be suitable for these purposes after determining your goals.

Identify your platforms

After determining your goals, you need to choose the platforms where you will get the most efficiency from this marketing campaign. Identifying the platforms that your target audience is actively involved in or following will increase the efficiency you will receive from these campaigns. You should choose the platforms on which the campaign will be displayed correctly, as you will show these campaigns on platforms where the target audience is not present, which will cause you to waste your marketing budget.

Don’t ignore social SEO

In cases where you will do your marketing efforts on social platforms, you should not forget social SEO. Social media has a search feature in themselves, as well as posts on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are indexed on Google. Thus, apart from advertising, this campaign can reach certain target groups organically. For this reason, you should take care to use your campaign-related keywords in your description texts and titles.

Support your campaigns with different channels

It may not be enough to show these campaigns on one or two platforms. In order to reach more people and announce this campaign more, you should also take care to support your campaigns with the channels you think you can reach your target audience.

For example, you can support a campaign on social networks with a banner on your website or you can support this campaign with different channels by sending messages about this campaign to your e-mail subscribers.

Prepare your call-to-action phrases and other texts in an engaging way

Giving ordinary messages is one of the attitudes that may cause your campaign to be overlooked. If we consider that consumers encounter many different advertisements and campaigns from many companies during the day, you should stand out from these advertisements.

For this, you should be careful to prepare texts that will attract the attention of the users and show the features of the product in your call-to-action statements, message headers and description texts.

Set your marketing budget

You may need a different marketing budget for each campaign. In some campaigns, you can allocate higher budgets to get more access and keep the promotion time longer.

When making your campaign plan, you need to plan how long this campaign will be live and how much budget you will allocate for this campaign. While creating advertising campaigns, the platforms you work with shows you how many people you will reach with the budget you allocate. In cases where you do not need to allocate a budget, you can see the access figures from this budget section and set your marketing budget accordingly before you approve the advertising campaign.

Know when to stop

You should also set the start and end dates of your campaign on the planning schedule. Creating an open-ended campaign over time will make it harder for you to control the budget you have, and perhaps you will spend more money than necessary. For this reason, when creating ads for your campaigns, you need to clearly set the start and end dates.

In addition, sometimes your marketing campaigns may not yield the results you expect. Your targeting, your messages may be wrong or your direct campaign may not attract the attention of consumers. In this case, you can go to stop the campaign without waiting for the end date of the campaign.

If you don’t get the results you expect, you might need to approach this campaign differently. In this case, it would be a better approach to create a new campaign by stopping the campaign, trying different parameters to protect the budget you have and not waste it. For more detailed information on this topic, “What should you do if you can’t get back from PPC advertising campaigns?” You can read our guide.

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