What you need to know about mobile SEO and mobile priority indexing


Mobile is now one of the indispensable areas of today. We were talking about going to mobile designs a few years ago would be an advantage; however, the shifting of user habits to mobile devices has led the mobile designs to become a standard.

Mobile being such an important area has caused some changes in SEO. By announcing mobile priority indexing in Google 2018, it stated that it will show higher ranking sites in mobile search queries with more effective mobile SEO. Although this topic is newer, Google has been announcing this since 2015. Especially in 2016, when mobile search queries overtook the queries on the desktop, the mobile priority index became an important criterion for websites.

In this guide, we will briefly cover what you need to know about the mobile priority index.

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How does Google handle mobile searches?

While Google shows desktop website link to desktop users, it shows mobile website link in mobile searches. If the URL structure of the mobile site is different from the desktop link, then this link evaluates the performance and shows this mobile link in the search queries.

Below you can see what Google shared about the issue in June.

On ranking: The mobile-first index doesn’t change anything for ranking other than that the mobile content is used. While mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor on mobile, being in the mobile-first index is not.

– Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) June 14, 2018

When responsive design is not used on mobile sites, the mobile URL of the site can usually be “m.siteadi.com”. In this case, too, Google shows this URL to mobile users.

Responsive, that is, because the URL address does not change in mobile compatible designs, Google also shows this URL in mobile search queries; however, since the design changes to be mobile compatible, the appearance of the content on mobile can be different.

The mobile index does not directly affect your page value and ranking; however, your mobile page design, page loading speed and user experience of the page are among the factors that will help you improve the performance of this page.

Why should you give importance and priority to mobile SEO?

The change in user trends and the change of advertising models to mobile devices increases the importance of mobile devices. Some companies may still receive more traffic from desktop devices; however, it is still useful to analyze their mobile traffic through Google Analytics.

Especially, e-commerce companies that receive high traffic from mobile should give importance to the mobile priority index. Because when users search for any product, they will choose to search from their mobile devices, and in this case, your site is not compatible with mobile or not performing well on mobile, which will cause you to miss potential traffic and recycling.

Mobile designs are also important when it comes to social media ads, apart from SEO. Most of the recycling in social media ads is now on mobile devices. In this case, the fact that the designs of the arrival pages directed by the users after these ads are mobile compatible will help you get more recycling from these people.

If users come to a page that is not mobile compatible after the redirects of these ads, they can leave the site by not spending too much time on this page, which can lower the value of the page as it will show Google that the user experience of this page is not good.

It is also beneficial to give importance to mobile SEO and responsive designs in order to keep the users more on the site while preserving the value of the page.

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