Situations that cause visitors to leave your site (Infographic)


Keeping the people who come to your e-commerce site on your site for as long as possible will help you increase your recycling. However, some elements on the site cause visitors to leave the site, and therefore both your page abandonment rates increase and therefore your recycling decreases.

The infographic prepared by KissMetrics addresses the situations that cause visitors to leave their websites and their solutions. We also share the information with you in the infographic below.

Poor and complicated navigation

Users should be able to easily access any page or product on the site. When they cannot do this, they tend to leave the site. Navigation is not easy, the categorization system is not made correctly or it is very complicated, the search feature on the site makes it difficult for users to navigate the site. This causes them to leave the site.

Solution: Navigation should be easily accessible in both mobile and desktop design; product categorization and the category tree should be set up correctly; With the search feature, users should be able to access the products they want.

Content is poorly placed

Incorrect placement of the content may also cause visitors to leave the site. Important information on the page should be in an easy-to-see location. Also, make sure to display this information in the top and first visible area of ​​the page.

Users can also choose to leave the site if they cannot access this important information they are looking for quickly.

Solution: Place information that will recycle or be important to users during the design process, in the first visible area of ​​the page. When sharing this information, be sure to use simple and understandable sentences.

Excessive video use

While videos are an important tool to increase your recycling, they can also harm you if used excessively. Especially videos that open automatically on the site and do not give users the opportunity to close these contents can cause users to leave your site quickly.

Solution: Instead of autoplaying and pop-up videos, let users play those videos. If you plan to use videos that open automatically, give users an option to close these windows. It will also be an important detail to turn off the sound in automatic videos. Note that users may be disturbed by the sound of the videos that open at once.

Do not require membership

It is also a major disadvantage that membership is mandatory. Forcing consumers to subscribe, especially on purchase pages, can cause them to give up buying. This causes you to miss potential sales.

Solution: Allowing visitors with purchases on the purchase pages and leaving the membership as an option without requiring membership will enable users to complete their purchases.

Bad and boring design

Design is also one of the factors that affect the time users spend on the site. Nowadays, many users are afraid to shop on old and sophisticated sites, because their awareness and brand expectations increase. The fact that the site is up to date and not catching trends can also affect reliability.

The solution: Instead of complex and complicated designs, turn to plain and minimal designs. While making use of empty spaces, you can make your content easy to understand with Flat Design elements.

There is no continuity and the site is not updated

As we discussed above, users pay attention to the up-to-date sites. The fact that the site design is very old and the site has not been updated for a certain period of time is one of the factors that will shake the reliability.

Solution: It will be useful to update your site design periodically, as well as refresh your page designs periodically. Changing the items on your homepage, removing different products, changing your call-to-action phrases on your arrival pages will allow you to update your site periodically.

You can review the entire infographic below.

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