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Although video marketing has become more popular in recent years, video content will increase more in the coming years. Both the high interaction rates and the high referral traffic obtained through videos increase the place of these contents in marketing studies.

While taking advantage of video studies, you need to do both SEO work and implement some of the dynamics of content marketing. In order to be successful in these studies, developing strategies on different topics will help increase the recycling you will receive from your studies.

Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization is very important in videos, as in many other areas, as mobile devices are beginning to take over desktop devices. Mobile compatibility has become a very important issue due to the increase in the time users spend on social media via smartphones and the use of these devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

In order for your videos to look good on mobile devices, you need to optimize the resolution and file sizes. In addition, different video formats can be used on different platforms. In addition to videos in square and vertical formats, Instagram also has full HD (1920 × 1080) video formats on YouTube and Facebook in 16: 9 ratio.

Preparing your videos according to different platforms and preparing your videos in this way will help you get more recycling from each platform.

Meta descriptions

It is very important to pay attention to the meta descriptions sections, especially when sharing videos on Youtube and Facebook. In order for your videos to be better indexed in search engines and respond to search queries, you should summarize what the video is about in this meta description section. In addition, passing relevant keywords in your video title and meta description sections will help these videos better respond to search queries.

Share on different platforms

You can publish a video on many different platforms. Although the format of each platform is different, the standard horizontal 16: 9 picture format is supported on all platforms. In this way, you have the chance to publish your videos on more than one platform. If you do not have time and opportunity to optimize these videos for all platforms, you can prepare a horizontal format video and broadcast it on different channels.

Since sharing on different platforms will allow your video content to reach more people, you also have the opportunity to increase the recycling you will receive from these content.

Add your videos to your website

You should not forget to add the videos you have prepared to your website. Thus, people who visit your site may have the chance to watch these videos.

In addition, you can add the videos you prepared about product promotions to the product pages on your site. Thus, by providing users with extra information about the products, you also have the opportunity to influence their purchasing decisions.

In addition to product promotions, you can prepare a section on your site for vlog or other videos that you prepare for information purposes, so that your site visitors can access this content.

Make a striking standout image

When you upload your video to video platforms, an image from the video is selected visually automatically. However, since this image will not always be interesting, you should prepare the featured images of your videos.

Since users will react to this featured image when they encounter these videos or review the results in search queries, you direct them to watch your video when the image you use catches their attention. Based on this, preparing a special featured image for each of your videos will have a positive effect on your recycling.

Pay attention to video times by content

It would not be right to set a single time for all the videos you have prepared. Some of the videos are long and some are short affect the recycling.

Since users’ attention is short, keeping the time short (15-30 seconds) especially in videos such as promotion, advertisement or campaign announcement helps to increase your recycling. However, by making a detailed product review, you can keep these videos longer if you want to provide many different information about the product. The prolongation of the video shows that the content is higher quality by the social channels. You can also get more recycling from these videos because you provide many different information about the product to users who want to get detailed information.

Long videos may be less watched than short ones; however, these videos are more likely to get you recycling; because if the user is watching this video, they are really interested in the product or service, and this user is more likely to purchase the product.

Don’t forget your referral links

You should not forget to add your referral links to your videos. In order to recycle these videos, you should direct the users to certain pages. For this, you should share the links of the relevant pages in the description sections of your videos.

In videos on Youtube, when you associate your website with your Youtube account, you can give direct links to your own site. First of all, you should do this verification process and use your referral links in every video.

In addition, you can choose to share the link of the page directly in the explanation section on Facebook or Twitter. It is not possible to post direct links on Instagram as normal posts. If you have more than ten thousand followers, you can share links on Stories. If this is not a solution for you, you can change the website address on your Instagram profile link periodically, encouraging your followers to click this link.

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