How can you organize your site for mobile SEO?


In our previous article, we discussed why you should give importance to this issue by focusing on Mobile SEO and mobile priority indexing in detail. In today’s article, we will focus on what you can do to improve your mobile SEO and respond better to search queries.

It is very important to pay attention to a number of issues in order for your site to perform better in mobile searches and to improve your page ranking. Considering and improving the titles we will cover below will help your site perform better on mobile searches.

Site content

In the mobile version of your website, it is preferable to include all the contents of the desktop. Using all the elements such as videos, texts, titles, subtitles, photos, graphics, etc. on your mobile site will help make these pages richer in content.

Especially visual subtext and tags are becoming more important in mobile searches. While uploading these images to your site, passing your product names and keywords in the URL and subtitle of the image can help you get better results from mobile searches.

In addition, the fact that voice calls are becoming popular on mobile devices is increasing the importance of content compatible with voice search queries. Considering this situation, making your page titles and content compatible with voice searches and preparing them in an easy indexable way will help you improve your mobile SEO.

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Mobile site opening speed

Speed ​​is one of the factors that most clearly determine the performance of your site. Quick opening of your site and fast page transitions is one of the factors that will greatly improve the user experience on the site.

Since slow opening sites will cause users to leave the site and negatively affect the user experience, Google can list these sites lower.

By doing your site speed tests, you can show Google that your site’s content is valuable and that you provide a good user experience by keeping users on the site more and visiting them more.

Switch to responsive design

In responsive (mobile compatible) designs, site content and URL do not change; only designally, items are shaped according to mobile devices. You can also secure your place in search queries as your page URL and content do not change, which will help index these pages more effectively.

In responsive designs, depending on the infrastructure you use, you can shape the design on the mobile devices as you wish, you can remove some items and change their dimensions. Making these adjustments helps users spend more time on the mobile site, enhancing the user experience.

To adapt your website to mobile devices and get information about mobile designs, you can browse Ideasoft Mobile Designs page.

Optimize your images

It is also very important to optimize your images on your desktop site for mobile devices. To provide a good user experience, your images must be compatible with the resolutions of mobile devices and do not float on the screen.

As we mentioned above, in responsive designs, you have the opportunity to change the location and the page content. Optimizing your images according to mobile devices on the product pages required and especially for recycling will help you improve the user experience a lot.

Easy to understand navigation

Users visiting your mobile site should be able to easily navigate the site. You should pay particular attention to navigation in page design so that they can quickly access the products and pages they are looking for.

When using the navigation tools, you can use the menus that open or close or slide to the screen from the side. In addition, you can use the Basket, Payment Page and Search features in a band at the top of the page to ensure that these pages can be accessed through each page.

Eye-catching button designs

In order to improve the user experience on the site and increase your recycling, it will also be useful to make your action call buttons remarkable.

While making your button designs, you can use colors that are somewhat large and contrast with the background, you can choose the colors that stand out and you can also enlarge your text points in the button.

The eye-catching of these buttons will further increase the likelihood of users clicking on these buttons.

Avoid mobile pop-ups

One of the factors that affect your mobile SEO is the user experience and mobile pop-ups are one of the factors that negatively affect this user experience.

Disabling the pop-ups you use in your desktop designs in your mobile design will help you improve this experience. Google can negatively affect page ranking, especially when it thinks it negatively affects user experience on mobile. You can get more information about the subject from our guide below.

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Split long texts by subtitles or lists

Again, in order to improve the user experience, if you have long texts on the site, it will be useful to simplify these texts or divide them by subtitles.

On mobile devices, these long texts will cause the page to scroll very down, causing users to leave the page. Instead of texts consisting of paragraphs, content that is divided by subtitles and listing important items will enable users to perceive these texts more easily.

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