How can you get the attention of consumers on your product pages?


Your product pages are one of the important areas to increase your recycling. The correct preparation of these pages, the necessary content on these pages, the correct preparation of SEO studies and the provision of a good user experience will help you increase your recycling through these pages. Of course, there are a number of other works you can do. In this guide, we will share some of these studies with you.

Get people’s attention first

In order to increase the interest and demand for the products, you should not expect users to examine the page for a long time. Therefore, you need to share the most striking features of the product with them at the top of the page.

The most important feature of the product is that you can attract the attention of the visitors at the first entrance to the page, since you will be able to share what problems consumers and their remarkable photos at the top of the page will provide users with this information when the page is first opened.

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Understand consumers’ needs and doubts

Once you understand your consumers’ needs and doubts, you can better reflect these needs and doubts on your product pages. These needs may differ depending on the products you sell. Therefore, by keeping the features that meet the needs of consumers according to different products, you can highlight your products in this way.

In this area, you can write briefly how your products solve your consumers’ problems and how this solution process works. You can give more information to the users by detailing these solutions in the detailed product description sections.

If you think that consumers will have certain doubts about the product or shopping on your site, you can also share important information and explanations that will eliminate these doubts. You can offer information about safe shopping, and you can share the warranty information of the product in a remarkable area.

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Share a remarkable action call statement

In order to direct consumers to a certain action on this page, your call-to-action phrase or button should also draw attention. Even if this button says “add to cart”, preparing this button with remarkable colors helps to attract the attention of users.

Activate the live support system on important pages

Product pages are areas where users have questions in their minds. Automatically activating the live support messaging application on these pages helps users to ask questions in their minds faster through this section. Providing quick customer support through these pages will help you increase their recycling, which will help you influence purchasing decisions more quickly.

Use videos and GIFs as well as product photos

Visuality is one of the important factors to increase the attention of the products. It is important to use stunning photos, as even product photos can affect users’ purchasing decisions. However, photos are no longer enough to increase your recycling. Users also want to review product videos to learn more about the product.

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For this reason, you can also prepare promotional videos of your products for use on your product pages. Or, by converting these videos into GIF format, you can show better usage areas of the product by using animated images, by showing how the product looks from different angles.

Showcase social evidence items

It is important that displaying social proof items on your page will change the way users view the product. It is very important in terms of social evidence to display user comments on these pages and obtain user comments whenever possible.

In addition, you can show the news about the product, your certificates and awards, if any, on these pages. These items are also social proof and allow you to positively influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

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