5 different SEO studies you can do on your own e-commerce site by yourself


Although a certain technical infrastructure and knowledge is required for SEO studies, you can apply some basic applications on your e-commerce site on your own. Especially, investing in SEO efforts of new ventures and firms that will increase their growth will increase their visibility on the internet and will help them increase the recycling they will receive from organic search queries in general.

In this guide, we will cover SEO tactics and work that you can apply on your own e-commerce site on your own. Even if you do not have much information about this subject, applying the information we will share on your site will help you increase your page values ​​and attract a certain amount of traffic organically.

Do your keyword searches

One of the issues that you should especially emphasize in SEO studies will be keyword research. It is very important in the first place to search for keywords and phrases that may be related to the content on your site, your brand, your products and the services you provide. Analyzing how users search for these keywords and tracking the monthly search volumes of these phrases have an important place in your SEO work.

You can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to do word research, or you can use different SEO tools.

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Analyze your competitors well

Competitor analysis is also very important in SEO studies. By examining what your competitors are doing to stand out in search engines, you can see which keyword groups these companies focus on, what kind of content they do, and how many places they appear in search results.

When you start to learn about your competitors’ strategies, you can start creating a number of strategies for your own SEO work, as well as analyze the channels they are not focused on, and you can do SEO studies for these gaps. For more detailed information on this subject, you can read our guide below.

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Plan your site content

After determining your keywords, you can start planning your site contents after making your competitor analysis. Planning your site contents correctly, creating your meta descriptions, editing category trees, using keywords while writing your product descriptions, optimizing page headers and subtitles, link structures and images will help you increase your page values. For the tactics you can use while optimizing your pages, you can review our guide below.

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Do blog work

Blogging is a very effective work to improve your domain authority and increase your visibility on the internet, and these contents also have an SEO value. Creating content plans on a weekly or monthly basis will be an effective method for your blog content strategies in the first place.

In this blog content, your brand, products and services can create texts containing related keywords; Creating blog content that will respond to potential search queries that users can do will also strengthen your site’s SEO.

Preparing the content regularly and providing regular content by providing blog content and continuity will ensure that your site is updated regularly. This will enable search engines to understand that your site is up to date and updated periodically.

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Learn the basics of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that you can use to track the activities of visitors on your website. When you learn the basic features of this tool, it will enable you to see which pages users visit more, on which channels they come to your site, on which keywords you can drive traffic to your site, and which pages perform better.

You can associate this tool with your site for free. With this tool, you can analyze the total traffic to your site, the time users spend on the page, the number of page impressions per user and the rate of users to leave the site by analyzing many different data.

For more detailed information about SEO studies, you can review the articles in our “Search engine optimization guides” category.

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